The future of mobility begins

Move beyond.

thyssenkrupp Elevator is now TK Elevator. We’re an independent company with a new brand – with the flexibility to expand our footprint and continue our leading role in the industry. By consolidating decades of success and engineering know-how, we’re moving towards next-generation mobility services that are built around the way people live.


Transform lives.

TK Elevator is showing the way forward – with services, products and cloud-based solutions that understand people’s individual relationships with the tools and technologies that move them. Reliable. Smart. Intuitive. It’s how we’ll continue to transform people’s lives now and in the future–to move efficiently through today’s always-on-the-go landscape.

Pioneering mobility solutions.

Our brand puts people at the center of everything we do. That’s because our strong customer and service focus, strengthened by impeccable German engineering, delivers premium technology excellence. It’s a powerful combination for unleashing positive, lasting impact in our industry and across global markets.


Our Brand Signature

tke logo
tke logo
tke logo

Our Brand Core

Our Purpose

Transforming people’s lives through pioneering mobility solutions.


Our Vision

Be the people-centric service brand leading the elevator industry.

Our Design Framework

Design at TK Elevator is beyond the visual. Our design brings us close to people and brings them close to us. Our design is there to build bonds, not to dictate rules. It is not a statement, it is a dialogue — between us and our users.

It is there when you need it and inconspicuous when you don’t. It is bold when it needs to be, to guide, and to inspire. It opens doors for users of all kinds without barriers or friction.






Brand Showcase

Our brand is as flexible as it is powerful, as adaptable as it is solid. Its modularity and scalability allows to be reliable, intelligent and intuitive, just like we are.

Launch Event

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Feb 25, 2021

Peter Walker’s opening speech from the launch day.

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